Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just a little scene from a longer piece I worked on ages ago. The longer film as a whole never really worked, but I always loved this scene. I found it the other day and just thought it might be worth putting it out it there for the fun of it.

Make up you own mind about the characters

No Entry from Jay Moussa on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week Four: The End

I have been persuaded that this scheme is adding too much pressure and have decided to eat humble pie and bring it to an end.

My degree is a priority.

Sorry to disappoint

PS Many thanks to all those who participated

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week Three: The Cut

I am too tired to say much about it, except that I have been really fortunate with actors for these past 3 weeks.


Week Three - 12 by Short from Jay Moussa on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week Three: The Shoot

I got so many things wrong tonight I have almost decided to give up filmmaking altogether. I am a disgrace to the profession.

One of the main errors was momentarily driving on the wrong side of the road but we shall skip over that little detail for now and concentration on the more serious mistakes of the shoot:

(1) I used the wrong lens. Because I was shooting at night I used the 50mm 2.8 lens but forgot it has no stabilizer and so the walking toward camera shot is messy and very shaky

(2) I didn't get a nice steady shot of one of my main characters so was limited to a shaky shot when I really needed to establish her

(3) My female actor had the perfect expression for the part and I failed to make good use of it - I should have got longer shots of her expression, only realised when I got to the edit

(4) I gave one of my actors motivation after he had already acted part of the scene - WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME?!

I feel I need to balance with some positives here, just to make myself feel better

(1) I got all the shots I needed

(2) I feel I got 3 dimensional characters even though the scene could have been a straightforward stereotype, I think the characters seem real and have motivation

(3) The film tells a story

(4) Nobody died

I have just done a rough cut and am too tired to do the sound design tonight. So tomorrow it is.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week Three: Aha!

I have been reading this fantastic book lately. It's called "How To Write For Television" by William Smethurst (Available on Amazon) In Chapter 4:Structure there is a little section on 'suspense' with a tiny scene written to demonstrate how suspense can be written in script format.

Since I am useless and unoriginal this week, I have decided to steal this scene and direct it. My ultimate goal is to make a film every week, not prove I can write something original every week.

I need two male actors and one female actor for a night shoot.

Week Three: Idea

I don't have an idea yet for this week's film. Just letting you all know. Feel free to offer up stories/ideas/plots if you are so inclined

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Two: The Cut

Phew! That was close. Almost thought I wouldn't make this one.

Here it is. The second film of my challenge: THE FALL

Week Two - 12 by Short from Jay Moussa on Vimeo.

Shoot duration: 2 hours

Post production: 5 hours

Prep: 3 days

A few things I learned on this film:

  • I need a professional, dedicated DoP 

  • Keep asking for what you want out of your talents. They will give you your scene if you can learn to communicate what's in your crazy, messed up head coherently

  • Beforehand, think about how you're going to shoot close ups on a dialogue scene where the actors are very close to each other. Where are you going to place the camera?    

  • As happy as I am with my script, I did not help the actors because I didn't give them enough of a through-line so it was difficult for them to differentiate lines at first; must keep in mind when writing in future 

  • ALWAYS make sure your SOUND LEVELS are not too HIGH. Had it not been for the separate sound the film would have been completely ruined as the level on the camera mic was far too high. Boom saved the day. 

  • Do think about set more. Even on a short film. It's not exactly as I pictured it and it grates on me 

  • Sometimes, the Canon 5D is not the ideal camera for your film (Oooh! I finally said it!) 

  • Rehearsals. They TOTALLY pay off. We managed to get a good set of rehearsals and it really made it work for everyone